Video: Evan Turner gets dastardly on Dwyane Wade

Back at Ohio State, Buckeye teammate/Internet celebrity Mark Titus started calling Evan Turner(notes) "The Villain." In his NBA debut for the Philadelphia 76ers against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, Turner showed why, busting out a pretty devious move against everybody's favorite amalgamation of a superhero, Dwyane Wade(notes).

The shake and the splash put a charge into the Philadelphia faithful, according to Andrew Unterberger of The 700 Level:

The move elicited a large gasp from the crowd, and the made basket energized the building in a way you simply haven't felt at the [Wachovia]/[Wells Fargo Center] in recent years. It reminded both Enrico and I of another crossover inflicted by a Sixers rookie on a future Hall-of-Famer a little over a decade ago, and while Evan said after the game that he hadn't made that connection himself, I wasn't surprised to find out he'd seen the clip himself. (He thinks it might have been a travel, though.)

It's hard not to make the connection to the ankle-breaker that announced Allen Iverson's(notes) arrival to fans across the world. Time will tell if the reverberations from Turner's move are felt as widely and deeply. (PRO TIP: They probably won't.)

Still, catching Dwyane Wade is a pretty dope feather in the cap of a solid overall night for the rookie (a team-leading 16 points on 7-for-10 shooting, seven rebounds and four assists in 30 minutes of work) in the Sixers' 10-point loss. Stunningly, it looks like it might have been a little premature to ponder Turner's bustitude before he ever played a second of regular-season hoops. Weird, right?

Video via dannycoconuts, who's got a pretty great name, all things considered.

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