Video: End the lockout for the sake of this boy’s mental health

Everyone has bemoaned the lockout since July 1. We've been without the league for some time now, and it really sucks. Some fans, though, have taken it a little harder. We all love basketball, but not everyone depends on it more than others.

This little child in board shorts is one of those people. In 69 tear-filled seconds, he yells at his father about the importance of having something to do with the NBA back. Like many of us who spend time watching NBA TV, he is tired of old Hardwood Classics games and would really like to watch the players of 2011. He knows what's up, this kid.

It is with him in mind that I put these questions to owners and players: Do you want our nation's children suffer so? Shall they be forced to sprawl out on floors, shirtless and despondent? Or will you save them?

The choice is yours. I await your answers.

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