Video: Elton Brand, Ron Artest, and Andre Miller get next at UCLA

Ball Don't Lie

For most of the offseason we've heard the stories of NBA stars Baron Davis, Kevin Love, and Russell Westbrook taking classes at UCLA during the NBA's lockout. Of course, those particular players are UCLA products, so why wouldn't they stop in for a lecture or 12?

Something else hit the YouTubes earlier this month, though, via SLAM. It showcases the latest in a long line of NBA stars who have no UCLA connection, working on their games (and not academic degrees) at the student gym. That's right, the student gym. Where you used to accidentally bank that shot in.

And one UCLA student has to play, per game. See if you can find them. Here's the clip:

There is plenty of precedent for this. I recall documentation from decades ago detailing Magic Johnson running with several Lakers, including UCLA alum Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, at Westwood during the offseason. When he was playing on a court erected at the Warner Brothers lot, Michael Jordan worked his way back into basketball shape while shooting 'Space Jam' with a good chunk of NBA stars and also-rans at UCLA back in 1995. And in this video Elton Brand mentioned watching Chris Webber and Kevin Garnett take to the court when he was younger.

And while all of this is positive (both Brand, Ron Artest, and Andre Miller look in great shape), the best part of this clip is a negative. It's Artest's Artestian spin move and turnover at the 2:45 mark of the video. Boy, we miss that.

Thanks again to SLAM for pulling this one out.

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