Video: Ellen redeems Phoenix's human basketball

Remember that Phoenix Suns stuntman who dunked himself through the hoop during a timeout? It was simultaneously scary, thrilling and funny, a trio of adjectives which makes it one of the top NBA viral videos of the season so far.

It was also something of an embarrassing moment for stunt dunker Nick Corrales, who actually does this regularly and is used to finishing his dunks with the ball, not himself. Luckily, Ellen DeGeneres is a kind soul and invited Corrales onto Tuesday's show for a moment of redemption. As you can see above, he pulled it off with flair. The crowd of 50-something white women understandably went wild.

Of course, Ellen also realizes that Corrales will forever be known as The Dude Who Dunked Himself, so she decided to have a little fun by getting him a shirt with a rim at the bottom. I'm not sure how that will fit, but I also have the flexibility of a metal pen.

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