Video: Dwight Howard zings Derek Anderson

There's a fraternity of athletes that transcends their chosen sports. They're a different breed from other people -- even other celebrities -- and they have a special bond and understanding.

Of course, when one does something stupid, they still mock that person. Case in point: the video above, in which Dwight Howard(notes) relentlessly mocks Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson's ridiculous tirade after this Monday's loss to the 49ers.

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In case you missed it, Anderson was caught laughing on the sidelines late in what could only be termed a horrific performance for him and his team. When questioned about it in the post-game press conference, he exploded and guaranteed himself a spot on "100 Biggest Blowups" lists for years to come.

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Howard is one of the NBA's biggest cut-ups, so this is just one more impression to add to his repertoire. But while Anderson doesn't have the basketball name brand of DH's coach Stan Van Gundy, this one might be his finest performance yet. Not counting "All-Star," of course.

(Video via SB Nation)

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