Video: Dwight Howard and Jimmy Fallon engage in world's zaniest shooting contest

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Few NBA superstars love joking around like Dwight Howard(notes). In a league where some great players are criticized for not reaching out to fans, Howard almost does it too much, making jokes about all sorts of things and generally seeming like he's trying a little too hard to make people like him.

However, that makes him a great fit for "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," which DH visited Tuesday night for an interview in advance of Wednesday night's contest between his Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. In typical Fallon fashion, the two decided to have an extra bit of fun by shooting random objects like gyros, Travel Scrabble, and fanny packs full of tourist essentials into a basketball hoop. This is funny, because you do not usually try to shoot these things like you would a basketball.

Throughout the clip, Dwight makes some great gags like pretending to eat his gyro and using a disposable camera to take a picture with Jimmy. It's classic Dwight, and the kind of comedy that will surely get him a starring role in a film about a young cop and a crazy cab driver hot on the trail of sexy bank robbers. It's a can't-miss idea with sequel potential. I'll be waiting by the phone, Hollywood.

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