Video: Dwight Howard goes coast-to-coast at the funniest game ever

On Monday, we brought you two highlight videos from Earl Clark's charity game in Louisville, a contest that some observers/bloggers called "the funniest game ever played." That designation was well-earned, too. Most games don't feature Terrence Williams dunks after which he takes off his jersey and throws it to the ground. Or J.R. Smith blocking a child's shot and walking away like he'd just swatted LeBron James at the rim.

It turns out that these two plays were not outliers, but rather indicative of the party atmosphere that surrounded this game. For further proof, watch the video above in which Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard takes the inbounds pass as a point guard and goes coast-to-coast for the drive and one-handed slam. Sure, the other team isn't playing much defense, but neither do the Minnesota Timberwolves.

This tactic could be worth trying in a real game. Magic point guards Jameer Nelson and Gilbert Arenas are shoot-first players anyway, so the team won't miss a beat.

(Video via PBT)

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