Video: Dwight Howard does a bad, bad thing to Jrue Holiday

Dunking over someone smaller than you? It really shouldn't be a point of pride. Jrue Holiday is listed as 6-4, though he hardly looks the part.

Dunking over someone who was born the same week the Detroit Pistons were fighting the Portland Trail Blazers for the 1990 NBA title? That still feels a little dicey. That's a kid, Dwight Howard.

Somehow, though, Howard makes it all right. Mostly by making it all nasty, all sorts of mean, and all sorts of beautiful. Jrue Holiday might not like being part of online infamy, in this regard, but you know he could respect a throwdown like this.

You know Dwight respects his own work, as the AP report from Monday night's Magic win details:

"As I was in the air, I was talking to him," Howard said to laughter. "Jameer, what did I tell him in mid-air?"

"Don't jump," Magic guard Jameer Nelson said.

"I don't know why he jumped," Howard said. "He wanted to be in the poster with me because we both wear [the same brand of shoes]."

Ouch. The big man wasn't finished:


"Jrue's a nice guy," Howard said. "Sometimes, like your momma says, 'When you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, bad things happen."'

Howard ripped a stat sheet out of Nelson's hand and scanned the roster for previous victims.

"(Andres) Nocioni, yeah, he's in one of my posters," Howard said, rattling names down the list. "Yeah, they're all on my posters."

So many posters. And the playoffs haven't even started yet.

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