Video: A dramatization of a D-League call-up

The life of a professional basketball player is supposed to be glamorous, but that's not always the case for players in the D-League. Between the poor salaries, long bus rides, and lack of publicity, they toil for months with little reward. The same goes for the girlfriends and wives who stand as pillars of support while their men chase a spot in the NBA.

We rarely hear about these stories. But thanks to the hit CW show "One Tree Hill," we can get a glimpse into that wonderful moment when a man (Nathan) and his beloved (Haley) get to celebrate his new NBA contract. After a rough season in which -- according to Wikipedia -- Nathan almost became a coach, was forced to play Slamball, quit Slamball because of the injury risk, spoke to the ghost of a friend, lost one NBA deal because he decided to pass instead of score, and had to engage in several battles for a starting job, Nathan has achieved his dream. When he feels Haley's sweet embrace, he knows the journey was worth it.

I am not sure how things worked out for Nathan in the NBA, but lord knows the Bobcats can use all the help at point guard they can get: D.J. Augustin(notes) is just not enough these days. As a 5-10 white point guard with negligible athleticism, the scouts never gave Nathan a chance. But that's only because they underestimated the power of his heart.

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