Video: Dirk Nowitzki gets in touch with his inner Kanye West

The Dallas Mavericks' media department is one of the best in the league, continually putting out creative viral and intro videos while most teams slap together the same techno/highlight mixes that were old hat 15 years ago. Now, they have created their masterpiece.

Above, check out Dirk Nowitzki(notes), a few of his teammates, and several Mavs dancers in a remake of Kanye West's video for "Power," the hit song from his recently released "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." This fine piece of work debuted on Saturday for the Mavs' home game against the Heat and figures to be played for as long as "MBDTF" remains popular. Like Kanye's album, this is an instant classic that won't be forgotten for years. (Please note that the internet equivalent of "years" is "weeks.")

This clip is so good, in fact, that it makes you wonder if the Mavs will try to ape any other Kanye videos during the rest of the season. Something tells me that Mark Cuban would be a perfect fit for the chorus of "Runaway," although I'm guessing he wouldn't greenlight that one.

(Video via Mavs Moneyball and The Basketball Jones)

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