Video: Dirk Nowitzki gets his own personal parade in Germany

After finally winning an NBA championship, Dirk Nowitzki is on top of the NBA world. But for all the attention he's getting in America, Dirk is not surprisingly much more popular in his homeland of Germany. If Dirk is just a basketball superstar hero here, then he's a national hero there. Or at least as much of one as can exist in a country that has a complicated relationship with nationalist fervor.

So, upon his return to his hometown of Wurzburg, Dirk was feted with a citywide parade and celebration. He rode around in a convertible, waved to the fans, and even addressed the crowd on a balcony like some kind of basketballular pope. Oh, and he also didn't wear sleeves, because they restrict the arms of a champion.

Nowitzki's public speech allowed him one more chance to try singing "We Are the Champions," an event that has potentially become the most ridiculous post-championship tradition since Hakeem Olajuwon started inventing new Taco Bell products in the mid-'90s. For Dirk, the fourth time was not the charm.

(Video via TBJ)

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