Video: Derrick Rose's through-the-legs dime to Joakim Noah

There's an awful lot to like about an awful lot of what Derrick Rose(notes) is doing these days. He's averaging 25 points and eight assists per night, he's hitting 35 percent of his 3-pointers and he's become a dynamite leader for a Chicago Bulls team that's winning 70 percent of its ballgames. Dude's a stone beast.

Likewise, there's an awful lot to like about this first-quarter play, starting with Rose's athletic interception of a bad cross-court pass by the Washington Wizards. The likefest proceeds when Rose turns on the jets and forces John Wall(notes) into a defensive no-man's land, and comes to a satisfying conclusion with a flashy no-look, through-the-legs bounce pass to a streaking Joakim Noah(notes) for a slam on the break. It's always nice to reward your returning big man for running the floor by getting him an easy bucket, even in a 105-77 road laugher that wasn't necessarily short on good looks for anyone wearing red.

And there's not an awful lot you can say for the decision made here by Nick Young(notes), who clearly didn't learn the lesson of that first pick — you should probably not throw lazy passes across the middle of the floor when Derrick Rose is prowling the perimeter:

Poor Wizards fans. What an awful lot they've drawn this year.

Video courtesy of our friends at the National Basketball Association.

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