Video: Derrick Rose wins the MVP, thanks his mother

Derrick Rose was awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy on Monday, becoming the youngest MVP in the NBA's history. And boy did the 22-year-old look the part. The man clearly wanted to be anywhere but the award ceremony.

When you're young -- say, 22-years-old -- you don't easily embrace public speaking. Nor do you embrace public plaudits, strangers speaking highly of you, or the chance to drive down to a hotel ballroom to sit on a stage amongst your employers and some guy from Kia to answer questions about how awesome you are. It's a bit like a college graduation ceremony. You've done the work, it's all been taken care of, and so what's the point of all this pomp and circumstance?

And then you see your mother. Then you realize what it's all about. All at once, you figure out who this is for. It's not for you, even if it's all about you. It's for everyone else. Your family, and your friends. And if you work on a very public stage, like Chicago Bulls MVP point guard Derrick Rose, it's also for your fans.

But, like a graduation ceremony for a 22-year-old in a suit, it's also for your mother. Derrick Rose, in this touching aside, remembered that mid-stream. No shame in allowing a stream of tears as you watch.

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