Video: Derrick Rose calls down some two-handed thunder

During the first quarter of Thursday night's highly entertaining contest between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose(notes) (who is super sorry, "The Good Wife") decided to remind us all that there are a few things he hates:

-- Opponents trying to defend him;

-- Gravity;

-- Stupid rims with their round, metal jerkfaces; and

-- Not displaying his staggering athleticism.

Well, that was awesome. "Emphatic stuff," indeed, Marvelous.

You know, if we're making a full list of things Derrick Rose hates, it should probably include giving up 120 points in a nationally televised home loss to the Knicks, not coming back in the game when the Bulls were down nine points with 3:30 left to play, and highly specific Internet polls. If only he could dunk on those dumb polls (and their largely unsurprising results).

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