Video: DeMarcus Cousins calls Blake Griffin ‘an actor’

Things got physical between the Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings on Thursday night, especially down in the trenches between Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins and L.A.'s Blake Griffin. The Clips got the better of what Kings coach Keith Smart called "a great football game," scoring a 93-85 victory due in large part to Griffin getting and keeping Cousins in foul trouble.

Griffin frustrated Cousins throughout the night, limiting the Kings star to just 18-plus largely ineffective minutes. He also contributed 14 points, nine rebounds and three assists of his own, hitting three late jumpers to nail down the win. After the game, Griffin told Antonio Gonzalez of The Associated Press that the back-and-forth nature of the physicality "wasn't me going at anybody. [...] That's something that will hopefully go away for [Cousins]."

Judging by his postgame comments, though, it doesn't sound like DeMarcus is going to let this one "go away" any time soon. From Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee:

[On his fifth foul,] Cousins swiped at the ball and missed. Griffin grabbed his eye and a foul was called.

"I guess the wind from my hand hit him in the eye," Cousins said. "I guess he got fouled by the wind."

The Kings play the Clippers in Los Angeles on Saturday. When told Griffin said he wasn't worried about what happened Thursday because they would play the Kings soon, Cousins had a quick reply.

"[Griffin is] in L.A. where actors belong," Cousins said. "He's an actor, so of course he would say that."

These charges aren't new — as Eric Freeman wrote after Griffin banged on Pau Gasol Wednesday night, Blake has developed a reputation for carping at opponents and complaining about calls, "to the point where he can come across as a bit of a jerk."

But c'mon, DeMarcus. Just because Blake tends to embellish, appears in car commercials and does Funny or Die goofs, that doesn't mean he's an "actor." It's not like he's pretending to be a chicken on "Sesame Street" or anything.

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I stand corrected, and I owe you an apology, DeMarcus. Blake Griffin is an actor. And, by the looks of things, a dancer. Add in all that dunking and you've got yourself a real triple threat.

Video of Cousins' postgame comments via the Kings' official YouTube channel, with a hat-tip to Tom Ziller at SB Nation.