Video: DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin react to the Chris Paul trade

Ball Don't Lie

When the NBA (and not the New Orleans Hornets) traded Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday evening, it was the end of a needlessly long and embarrassing saga.

When the Los Angeles Clippers received Chris Paul from the NBA on Wednesday evening? It was the start of a whole lot of fun. Watch Clippers DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin go bonkers after hearing the news:

You're right, Blake. It is "Lob City." Not as good as "Radio City," but we're looking forward to each and every Clipper game this year nevertheless.

The best part of the video? Someone asking who the Clippers gave up to receive Paul from the NBA, and Griffin shouting "We don't care!" Not the best reaction, but certainly the most appropriate. We agree with Blake -- it's Chris Paul, it doesn't matter who you lost.

(HT: Kathy Anderson, cheers.)

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