Video: David Stern enters Stephen Colbert's full-spin zone

"The Colbert Report" is one of the most consistently funny shows on television, but it's also a nightmare for interview guests. Are you trying to plug a book or movie? Get ready for an onslaught of zings and continual confusion as to whether you should joke along or try to remain serious about your comprehensive analysis of the financial crisis.

Monday night, NBA commissioner David Stern joined Colbert for a few minutes of pointed questions and awkward answers. Except he didn't have a book or show to plug -- Stern was just there to tell everyone why they should be watching every possible minute of professional basketball.

He also came with a stunning tactic to deflect Colbert's jokes: use as little emotion as possible, possibly under heavy sedation. It's an impressive gambit, but we've come to expect that from the commish after so many years at the helm. Nothing can faze him, even suggestions that the Harlem Globetrotters are the league's most profitable franchise.

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