Video: Dan Gilbert may have tweeted something that made absolutely no sense

We don't know why Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert's Twitter account posted a strange picture on his feed sometime late on Wednesday night. We do know that, whether that was his artful and William Eggleston-take on a middling life spent in hotel rooms, or the odd work of some Twitter hacker, we loved the shot. Even if it's since been deleted.

A random shot of something nonsensical, and not exactly of any interest to anyone of someone's followers on a social networking site? That's more or less what the Internet was made for. My Twitter feed is full of these bits of boredom turned into selfish fun, and I don't see why anyone else can't harbor the same sense of self-involved humor. After all, it's your site. Everyone else gets to decide whether or not they want a part of your weirdness.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert either seemed to embrace that weirdness, or some such hacker decided to put him in his place. A weird, weird place. Here's the Yahoo! Sports Minute with the whole silly mess:

He may have been hacked. His phone-cum-tweeting device may have sent an inadvertent image out to his followers. That's entirely within the realm of the possible.

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He also may have been goofing around, and regretted it. He may have been attempting to make a point about something important to him (MY ROOM'S TOILET PAPER SUPPLY HAS BEEN EXHAUSTED WHERE IS THE CONCIERGE?!?) via Twitter or some Direct Message. It doesn't matter. A shot of an empty toilet paper roll doesn't go a long way toward explaining his misogyny toward female sportswriters or his churlish response to the equally childish LeBron James leaving Cleveland, but it does help humanize what has previously looked like an out-of-touch shyte loan peddler with a bad Michael Scott-hairdo (the first two episodes of U.S.-version of "The Office," we mean) who acted like a spurned junior high girlfriend after LeBron James acted like a prat in leaving Cleveland.

Kind of. Sort of depends what Dan does from here. In the meantime, send this guy some Eggleston coffee table books. And send more photos, please.

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