Video: Crazy Ron Artest ends a crazy game with a crazy tip-in

Ron Artest(notes) is an enigma wrapped in a riddle bundled inside of a mystery that's been dyed blond and purple then given a middling rap career. He's the kind of guy that'll take a wide-open three-pointer with 22 seconds left on the shot clock in a game his team is winning by three points with 56 seconds remaining, just because he was raised to "keep playing basketball."

And he did just that during Thursday night's Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns, who proceeded to tie the game on a banked-in Jason Richardson(notes) desperation three after Ron botched the clock. Then he did this.

Basically, that's Ron Artest's entire career in a gigantic basketball-shaped nutshell — awful three-pointer followed immediately by a great play predicated entirely on hustle. In fact, that's Artest's Third Law of Hoops: for every bad basketball play, there is an equal and opposite good basketball play. You can't argue with science, and you shouldn't with Ron Artest.

Best game of the playoffs? Or just best 30 second stretch of the playoffs? The choice is yours, my friends.

(video via Jose3030)

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