Video: Chris Bosh and the Heat 'want to chill'

There really isn't anything going on in Miami that isn't anything less than embarrassing, these days.

The team has gotten off to a slow start, Chris Bosh(notes) has become a hilarious source of ridicule among the "the web's dark side," the team has taken to telling fans how to cheer during games (provided they deign to show up; video after the jump), and Wednesday night, Bosh got all of our short-shorts in a bunch with this postgame interview:

What a crock. "We want to chill"? I'd have a right mind to wave my finger at him if it weren't already sore from all these chest passes and set shots I've been taking.

You get the feeling that Chris meant that the Heat are having to be pushed by coach Erik Spoelstra to take that extra step beyond what their collective talents give them naturally in order to win. Like 29 other teams. Like just about everyone else at whatever job they have, they want to do a good job, but they'd also like to do just enough to do a good job, and little else. If that's the case, and we're sure that's the case, then Bosh isn't wrong in any of this. Especially the part where he points out that the only way a team like the Heat is going to win is if it declines to "chill."

Now, the problem is where you go on national TV and term that natural inclination that everyone has as a way to "chill," but this is what results (if I can put my short shorts back on, and get on this soapbox) when you let players who haven't won anything, ever, preen and flex in front of thousands of fans just for signing a free-agent contract.

It allows for players to think that every thought, every idea must be expressed. And, really, sometimes the clich├ęs are best served, especially when you're going to mangle your words like this. This doesn't mean stop talking. Please, keep talking, because most jockisms are dreadfully dull.

It just means, if you're going to talk, think first and get it right. Stop talking first, thinking second, and explaining later.

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