Video: re-enacts Reggie Miller’s clutchest moments

I live in Indiana, and while I'm neither from this area nor an Indiana Pacers fan, I respect the state and its basketball heritage. It nearly goes without saying that there is a level of basketball reverence in this area that cannot be matched in this particular continent, much less the other 49 states.

We're not including China in this breakdown, apparently. Because not only does a website named exist, but its participants are quite adept at recreating possibly the finest (Finals appearances aside) moments in Indiana Pacers history. Expertly, and on a playground.

(I have yet to see this here in Pacer country. Though I have seen a truck filled with taquitos, seriously, overturned on a highway.)

(Via Indy Cornrows and SB Tas Melas.)

Nicely done, Chinese Pacer fans. I know only one person in this town (the largest between Indianapolis and Chicago) who has the NBA's League Pass, nobody even knows what local channel the Pacers are on most nights, and you're shaming Hoosiers by recreating Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference finals, Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals (scoreboard, stupid Pacers), and Game 5 of 2002's first round.

Let's step it up, Indianaians's. I think that's what you call them.

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