Video: Charles Barkley, Kevin Harlan tell the truth about Weight Watchers and the Hawks

We don't know how Twitter user @kimchimonkey got a nice video hold of this off-air video of Charles Barkley calling his new gig as Weight Watchers spokesman "the greatest scam going," (second to "getting paid to watch sports," in his words, of course) but we don't care at this point. Toss in Charles and TNT play-by-play man Kevin Harlan calling the Atlanta Hawks "terrible," and you have a YouTube clip for the ages.

Here 'tis:

How could anyone dislike this? For one, Barkley brings up how he's way, way ahead of schedule when it comes to losing weight through Weight Watchers, and how he's glad to meet the company's required weigh-ins with their lead male spokesman. And then you have Barkley and Kevin Harlan honestly discussing a "terrible" Atlanta Hawks team that suffered an embarrassing loss at home to a Heat team minus the injured LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. A team that, if you'll recall, Atlanta defeated on Monday night with James and Wade at full strength.

Don't be alarmed, TNT-folk. We love this, from your stars. More, please.

(HT: J.E. Skeets.)

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