Video: Charles Barkley brings down the house with a karaoke version of ‘My Way’

Ball Don't Lie

This is Charles Barkley singing "My Way," the brilliant Paul Anka-penned standard made famous by Frank Sinatra as his career began to fade, and it's not bad.

And not just "not bad" coming in comparison to the time I nearly caused a fight at a NASCAR bar in Indiana by working my way through Ian Dury's "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" on their karaoke night a few years back (this actually happened), but "not bad" full stop.

Seriously, Charles might be a little flat throughout, but he makes it work. We tell you all the time to skip the videos we post here, but this is actually … well, it's still "not bad."

But listen:

(You only have to listen once.)

Tell me that wasn't, as with all things Barkley touches, endearing. And, according to the Riverhead News-Review (via and Deadspin), Barkley was acting the part of a mensch the entire night:

"Charles couldn't have been more gracious and nice, he took every picture, signed every autograph and shook every hand," said Doug Wald of Riverhead. "He was quite cool and a lot of fun."

And he certainly bettered Sid Vicious' version. So does scurvy, by the way.

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