Video: Charles Barkley and Bill Hader promote Chuck’s SNL appearance

In case you forgot, Turner Sports analyst and Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" this, uh, Saturday for his third time. Charles' first time hosting the show happened nearly 18 1/2 years ago, which makes us feel incredibly old as we recall that September evening spent waiting for 1993's SNL premiere to tip off.

Here's a series of SNL promos, set to air this week in commercial breaks during NBC shows you probably don't watch, courtesy of the fine folks at Hulu:

This figures to be quite the week for Sir Charles. If SNL history is any indication, he spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday being pitched sketch ideas by the show's writers and cast. Thursday and Friday are typically the days spent working on blocking, costumes, lighting and run-throughs; but Charles is set to call Thursday night's Miami Heat/Atlanta Hawks game for TNT. It's a wearying schedule as host as the gig stands, but to jet down to Atlanta during the midst of it? Celebrities enjoy first-rate accommodations, but this will be taxing to say the least.

What we're curious about is Barkley's potential stand-in, while he's down working in Atlanta on Thursday night. With all the weight Charles has shed, it can't be Antoine Carr. We hope it's not Tim Perry. With the Charlotte Bobcats in New York on Wednesday night, we think Boris Diaw would be the hilarious appropriate choice.

For more Charles fun, check out his appearance on Tuesday night's edition of the Daily Show:

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