Video: Charles Barkley almost names all five Bucks starters

Pop quiz, class. Name the Milwaukee Bucks' starting five right now without consulting the Internet or your local Kelly Dwyer.

I'm waiting.


Did you get all five? Don't lie (the ball doesn't, for Pete Myers' sake), you missed one or two. It's nothing to worry about. It's not like you get paid millions of dollars to stay informed and comment on the NBA. Those guys have to know things like that — it's their job. I mean, surely Charles Barkley could find the time to remember five names in his spare time. That can't take too much time away from filming commercials, right?

Oh. Right. This is Charles Barkley we're talking about here. Four-ish out of five is pretty good for the Chuckster. Not to mention he was a lot closer to saying "Mbah a Moute" correctly than I would have ever imagined.

Now let's see him do Denver, if only to hear him pronounce "Afflalo."

(h/t Lang Whitaker)

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