Video: The Cavaliers adapt ‘My Girl’ for their fans

Professional athletes love to thank their fans. It's their own personal version of genuflection, a sign that they know who pays their salaries and why they're so lucky to wear the meaning-soaked jerseys of teams like the Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets.

But how many of those players would sing to prove their love of the fans? The Cleveland Cavaliers did exactly that in this video, which features players such as star rookie Kyrie Irving, forward Samardo Samuels and shooter Daniel Gibson singing a variation on the Temptations' classic "My Girl" titled "Our Fans." It was a nice Valentine's Day gesture (yes, we're a little late on this one), but the sentiment could apply to any day of the year.

Oh, and don't sleep on Kyrie Irving's singing skills. He probably could have joined a mid-tier a cappella group at Duke, if he didn't have shame.

(Video via TBJ)

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