Video: Carmelo Anthony chats with David Letterman

As the latest toast of New York, it was Carmelo Anthony's obligation to eventually make his way over to the Ed Sullivan Theatre, and have a chat with David Letterman.

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Yes, Dave asking Carmelo about his role as "a number three" was a little awkward, but once you've sat through several Harvey Pekar interviews, Cher calling you a rude word to your face, and Madonna alternately referencing you wearing a toupee along with extolling the virtues of urinating in the shower, a goofy interview with the too-cool Carmelo Anthony is nothing.

(A note for those of you at work. Apparently this video keeps rolling after Carmelo's interview, right into a full episode of Thursday night's Late Show. So you may have to click away from this post immediately following Dave and Carmelo's back and forth.)

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