Video: A car dunk better than Blake Griffin's

(Video courtesy of And1 Live)

At this year's dunk contest, Blake Griffin(notes) won the trophy with a flamboyantly staged dunk over the hood of a Kia Optima. It wasn't the best entry in the contest, or even the top dunk by Griffin, but it's nonetheless become the signature moment of what was a pretty solid dunk contest on the whole.

Still, the public has a desire for greater car dunks. So give thanks to Guy Dupuy of And1 Live Streetball for this ridiculous through-the-legs jam over a convertible in Poland. Dupuy's been featured on BDL before for an even crazier dunk, but this one is definitely good enough to take up a spot in his own personal Hall of Fame.

True, he didn't have a choir like Griffin to ramp up the drama of the event. However, sometimes simple presentation is all you need.

(Original video via Deadspin)

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