Video: Brian Scalabrine pretends he’s a point guard

The NBA is full of goofy players, but most of those guys still get treated as athletes first and personalities second. One notable exception is journeyman forward Brian Scalabrine, whose alabaster skin and undefined upper body have made him a favorite of humor-inclined fans for years. When Scalabrine enters a game, the jokes only ramp up — he's less a benchwarmer than a mascot making the veteran minimum.

This is all to say that Scalabrine "highlights" are usually particularly funny plays, not legitimate standout moments. So it was somewhat surprising to see the play above during the Bulls' 95-89 win over the Bobcats on Saturday. In the final minute of the first quarter, Scal knocked a pass away, beat D.J. Augustin to the ball in the backcourt, leapt towards the rim, and whipped a pass around defenders to the equally white Kyle Korver for an easy layup. It was if Scalabrine had stolen Derrick Rose's magic shoes in the locker room, except I'm pretty sure Brian requires orthopedic footwear to correct his fallen arches.

Yet the story of this assist is not all fun and games, because the official box score for this game has still not credited Scal with an assist. Is there a conspiracy afoot? Whatever the case, we must correct this injustice at once. There's no telling when he'll have a play like this one again.