Video: Brent Barry auto-tunes his love of Blake Griffin

Everyone loves Blake Griffin(notes), and for good reason. The man dunks with such overpowering force with such overwhelming regularity that he has rendered most other highlights irrelevant. There are YouTube mixes aplenty, he's a fixture on nightly Top 10 lists, and his fame will only grow in the coming weeks and months.

Like other folk heroes, Griffin's exploits are worthy of song. So it should come as little surprise that DJ White(notes) Bread (aka NBA-TV analyst Brent Barry(notes)) recorded an auto-tuned ditty in praise of everyone's favorite dunker.

There are many great parts to this video, but the greatest moment probably comes at the end when you see DJ White Bread in all his glory. I only wonder if Barry actually wrote this or if a valiant NBA-TV intern worked it up for him. If he did it himself, then we may have to add another example to the cliche about all ballers wanting to be rappers. I just never would have expected Barry to be one of them.

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