Video: Brandon Bass raps about the lockout

We're not entirely sure Orlando Magic forward Brandon Bass is helping or hurting the players' cause in this NBA lockout with the video he's put online to help promote his song, "Billion Dollar Dreams."

In the slightly NSFW clip (there are a few blue words tossed in, but nothing over the top), Bass lounges around his apparent mansion before driving around downtown Orlando in a Maserati with his brights on. Can't say I'm a fan of either the song, nor driving with brights on. But the sentiment ("all I do is ball") is pure, and something we can get behind.

Via SLAM, here's the clip:

I'm hardly a hip-hop connoisseur, not since the Native Tongues thing died a death, but the compliment I can give Brandon is that he sounds just like everyone else. He sounds like a pro, and not like someone who has to pay through the teeth for the chance to hire hip-hop helpers to fulfill his ... well, dreams. The song actually isn't bad, and considering our years-long Brandon Bass fandom as a player, we're happy for the guy.

We'd like to see him back to shooting baseline jumpers, though, and not driving around Florida with his brights on.

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