Video: The "Boshtrich" in its natural habitat

Over his eight-year NBA career, Chris Bosh(notes) has been compared to many animals: a raptor, an emu, a gecko, and even the great blue heron. Okay, I made that last one up, but I think it's a good analogue.

Clearly, though, we had erred in comparing Bosh to other creatures when he is a species of one, the Boshtrich. Courtesy of the fine folks at Hip Hoop Junkies, please watch the feature above chronicling the Boshtrich in his natural habitat. Have you ever wondered why Bosh doesn't dive after loose balls? Wonder no more, for they are the eggs of his unborn offspring.

I look forward to more of these clips in the future. I've always suspected that Rajon Rondo(notes) is a sleestak, but we sadly lack proof. Hopefully Hip Hoop Junkies can help.

(Via The Basketball Jones)

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