Video: Blake Griffin's astonishing near-make

(Or, "Never has 50 percent shooting felt so good.")

There's no video evidence that I can provide to support this, but the greatest near-dunk I've ever seen at a Clippers game between a Clippers team unlikely to make the playoffs and a mediocre Central Division team was one almost thrown down by Jeff Foster(notes) about a decade ago. The shot went in, but he was called for a charge. Probably because the referees didn't want to believe that Jeff Foster could nearly dunk from just inside the free-throw line.

That dunk, or near-dunk, has been topped by another near-dunk. In a Clipper game featuring a middling Central Division squad and a Clipper team that is going nowhere (sadly).

This time, from Blake Griffin(notes).

(From Get Banged On, via SB Jamie Mottram.)

DeAndre Jordan's(notes) reaction is priceless.

Of course, later on in the proceedings, Griffin got it back. All back.

(Via SLAM.)

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