Video: Blake Griffin can throw alley-oops, too

No player has owned this NBA season quite like Blake Griffin(notes), recently announced dunk contestant and No. 1 in the hearts of so many NBA fans. He dunks with the force of a thousand thunderstorms, like an evolutionary Shawn Kemp.

At times, though, his dunking prowess has overshadowed the other parts of his game, like the rebounds, the advanced post moves, and a strong feel for the game that most 21-year-old men can only dream of. He's a player, not a sideshow.

It turns out he can also pass a little, too. Check out the video above in which Griffin finds frontcourt mate DeAndre Jordan(notes) for the kind of running alley-oop we usually see from Baron Davis(notes) to one of the two players involved here. There aren't many power forwards who can do this, yet it's Griffin's fourth- or fifth-best skill.

This play is another reminder that Griffin is only scratching the surface of his potential. With any luck, we'll be cherishing moments like this one for the next decade.

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