Video: Blake Griffin assaults Kendrick Perkins with a dunk

With the Los Angeles Clippers now a contender, Blake Griffin's game has come under increased scrutiny. There's been much talk of his lack of a post game, and a general sense that he's not yet in the same class as fellow youthful power forward Kevin Love. The guy that made everyone go crazy with YouTube-ready dunks last year is being looked at as more of a basketball player these days, and it's turned him into a little less of a sensation among diehard fans.

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Those complaints have some merit. On the other hand, good lord can this guy do apocalyptic things on a basketball court. For proof, just check out the video above courtesy of our pals at the Yahoo! Sports Minute. In the third quarter of Monday night's 112-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Griffin ran a pick-and-roll with Chris Paul, took the pass, elevated for a dunk, and was met with a hard foul by big man Kendrick Perkins. Unfortunately for Perk, Griffin is really really strong, so he powered right through, extended, and finished the slam anyway. That description is pretty boring, though, because there's no easy way to describe the visceral experience of this play. So watch it a lot.

After the jump, watch Griffin's reaction to the dunk in conversation with NBA TV's Matt Winer.

Fans on Twitter and elsewhere immediately questioned if it was Griffin's best slam ever, with most agreeing that it was. (LeBron James tweeted, "Dunk of the Year!!") But that discussion also seems beside the point, because there's only so much you can say about a dunk that will be remembered for years no matter what.

Perkins, to his credit, shrugged off the shame in postgame interviews and said it's something that happens to guys who are paid to protect the rim. Which is all fine and good now. Someone try to get his opinion when people are still asking him about it in five years.

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