Video: A Blake Griffin alley-oop to start the year right

By my calculations, this is the first post of 2011 for Ball Don't Lie. Given the importance of this landmark, we all thought it'd be important to start the year on a high note and give you a taste of what you can expect in the coming year.

So here's a really awesome Blake Griffin(notes) alley-oop from a pass by Baron Davis(notes). Expect to see a lot of these before the end of this season, and then even more as we hit 2011-12 (hopefully) next fall.

The only question now is whether or not people will ever get sick of watching Griffin maul his opponents at the rim, because this is not going to stop anytime soon. Of course, when you watch him in action, somehow those fears don't seem so real. Every passing dunk shows you something new.

For instance, notice here how Davis essentially throws the ball up in the general area of Griffin instead of pin-pointing the pass. He just works under the assumption that Blake will catch and dunk it with ease, which he obviously does. But there's nothing normal about this play -- there are only a handful of forwards in the entire league who could convert this kind of alley-oop.

But Griffin somehow makes plays like this one an everyday occurrence. It's been only a few months, yet he still shocks and awes with each new slam. I can only dream of what we'll be saying about him at the start of 2012.

(Video via Get Banged On)

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