Video: Betty White spurns Shaquille O’Neal’s marriage proposal

You remember Betty White, right? For several decades, she served as a hilarious player in classic series like "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Golden Girls." Then a bunch of youngsters saw her in the Sandra Bullock vehicle "The Proposal" and decided she was the perfect subject for semi-ironic Internet love. A Facebook group popped up to get her to host "Saturday Night Live," and Lorne Michaels assented. Two years later, she still exists on the periphery of popular culture, co-starring on TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland" and popping up in other bits of ephemera. It's a career resurgence, I guess, except that few willing to acknowledge that her age is being exploited at the expense of legitimate approval of a comedic legend.

Anyway, enough with the cultural commentary. Betty White is hanging out with Shaquille O'Neal, for some reason, and the Big Geriatric decided to propose marriage to her. She declined, sadly, because he's too old for her. Oh Betty, you so crazy!

It makes perfect sense that Shaq would be attracted to White, though. As we know, he is very attracted to women that are 1/16th his size.

(Video via TBJ)

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