Video: Which Bellator champion could beat a UFC champ right now?

The topic of which promotion has the best fighters probably never will go away.

It would take actual cross-promotion between the UFC and Bellator to settle that debate, and it’s been pretty clear from the UFC side of things that isn’t going to happen. (Bellator always seems ready to give it a shot.)

Because of that, the MMA world has to resort to hypothetical discussions over whose fighters are better, and particularly whose champions are better. But what if cross promotion was a reality? What if Bellator and the UFC put their champions up against each other?

Many in the MMA world look at the UFC as the No. 1 brand with Bellator behind at No. 2. But does Bellator have current champions who could top their counterparts in the UFC right now?

That’s what we asked our “Spinning Back Clique” panel of Matt Wells, Mike Bohn and Brian “Goze” Garcia, who answered that question with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia. You can watch their discussion in the video above. And don’t miss this week’s full episode below.

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie