Video: The Basketball Jones introduces the Seattle ThunderSonics

Ball Don't Lie

Very few things flummox NBA fans as much as the unsavory turnaround that involved the Seattle SuperSonics turning into the Oklahoma City Thunder. On one hand, if Seattle wanted to keep its team, it should have voted to spend a bit more on a new arena (after paying through the nose to keep the Mariners and Seahawks happy) that would replace the ancient Key Arena.

On the other hand? The ownership group behind the Thunder is eminently slappable, Seattle loves hoops, and it never should have ended this way. Seattle deserved so, so much better.

On the third hand, because it's 2011 and everyone has three arms now? Oklahoma City loves hoops to an eye-watering degree, and the Thunder are just about everyone's second-favorite team at this point. This is why J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas decided to mess with the OKC faithful last week, dangling the proposition that the Thunder were about to become the "Seattle ThunderSonics."

(Which, you'll agree, is a fantastic name.)

OK, jokes aside, can't we just send parts of three NBA teams to Seattle in three years, once they put together an arena that doesn't lose gobs of money every night out?

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