Video: The Basketball Jones finds the NBA’s biggest hipster

Despite the racially tinged stereotype that all NBA players wear their pants and chains low, most of them actually have pretty good senses of style, or at least the best among very popular professional athletes. They think about how they look and employ stylists with some regularity.

The result is that some of them end up looking like your garden-variety urban hipsters. Which is why our friends at The Basketball Jones decided to get to the bottom of the matter at LaMarcus Aldridge's recent charity game in Portland. In interviews with players and fans, they reached consensus in the city where hipsters reign supreme. And, by a wide margin, James Harden won the competition. Which, if you've ever seen his off-court look, should come as little surprise.

Other answers ranged from Baron Davis (good choice) to Joakim Noah (decent choice) to Chris Andersen (???). More than anything, these responses proved that the definition of "hipster" remains difficult to pin down even in our enlightened age. Perhaps videos like this one will help to clarify the issue for all.

Oh, and make sure to check out TBJ on its current "No Season Required" tour. It's a lot of fun.

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