Video: Another 'Big Shot Emeka' moment, just like always

If there's one thing I'm sick of, it's how predictable the NBA can be sometimes. Case in point: Thursday night's game between the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Hornets.

Any major dude with half a heart surely would have told you that, with the eyes of the basketball world trained squarely on Jimmer Fredette, Derrick Williams and Matt Howard's socks, Paul Millsap(notes) was a lock to hit a ludicrous, no-look, falling-down flip to ignite the crowd at the EnergySolutions Arena and keep the Jazz within two possessions late in the fourth quarter. That's pretty much a given, obviously.

But to top that off with this worn-out old shotmaking meme? Enough with the thrilling buzzer beaters, Emeka Okafor(notes). Find a new bit, already!

I mean, we all know you're a very frequent taker of mid- to long-range jumers. And if I had a nickel for every time I've seen you hit big jump shots like this turning-away, off-one-foot, hand-in-your-face, flick-of-the-wrist, off-glass-without-calling-it, 20-foot scrambleheave to force overtime and give your team a chance to pull out a 121-117 road victory, I'd be as rich as Croesus. From ancient Greece. Very rich! I swear, I've just about had it. It's all just so ... expected.

Seriously, NBA. Invigorating finishes authored by unexpected heroes? Remarkable shots that keep hope alive and snare victory from the jaws of defeat? Seemingly out-of-nowhere plays that simultaneously drain the life out of one team and lift another's spirits, especially after suffering a major loss? Such a hackneyed college script. Check out Sports Narratives 101, over here. Let's see something new and exciting, for ONCE.

International readers ("Int'l read'rs"): If the above clip isn't rocking for you, please feel free to peruse the answered-prayer bank courtesy of our friends at the National Basketball Association.

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