Video: Andrei Kirlenko and Nenad Krstic celebrate CSKA Moscow with dance medley

A few weeks ago, we brought your attention to Andrei Kirilenko's gun-crazy introduction at CSKA Moscow. It was an odd way to celebrate a big signing, but presumably this is just how they roll in Russia. We shouldn't judge other countries for customs that we don't understand. Maybe an AK-47 augurs good luck.

It appears that assault weapons are not the only thing that CSKA uses to welcome their new players to town. In the video above, watch Kirilenko, Nenad Krstic, and others engage in some sort of organized (not quite choreographed) dance medley. I'm not sure why this is happening, but it must have something to do with the popularity of the macarena in Russia. They must still be really into Tomagotchi, too.

(via TBJ and Living and Dying by the Jazz)

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