Video: Amazing pool basketball trick-shots for your pleasure

[Warning: Video contains some NSFW language]

If you've spent an average amount of time in the basketball blogoworld over the past year or so, you've probably come across Dude Perfect, a troupe of basketballing trick-shot enthusiasts whose conversions from great heights at bizarre angles have made them a part of online video history. However, while these young gentlemen are very good at what they do and would kill on "America's Got Talent" if not for the unfortunate parameters of the stage, they are sometimes off-putting due to their taking the whole operation a little too seriously. They're shooting basketballs into hoops in a non-competitive setting, and no amount of trampolines and blindfolds can ever change that.

Nevertheless, trick shots can be very fun to watch. If you need something to remind you of that fact, please check out the video above, in which a group of six pool basketball artists known as the Water Balla's [sic] show off for the cameras. This collection has everything, including a semi-ghostriding intro on a Chevy truck and multi-person shots including all manner of angles, small trampolines, a pool-cleaning net, the roof of a house, and even a few capes. Throughout it all, they remain showmen. We will not see a group like them until the NBA returns.

This video is a mere 199 seconds long and absolutely worth your time. Plus, in these very hot summer days, it will teach you a valuable lesson about how to stay cool.

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