Video: Amar'e Stoudemire dunks, Ronny Turiaf dances

Let no one ever argue that the Knicks' big men don't know their strengths. During last night's 113-110 win over Toronto, Amar'e Stoudemire(notes) unloaded a jam over Linas Kleiza(notes). His teammate, Ronny Turiaf(notes) then danced in his usual goofy way on the bench to show his appreciation of the play.

That's the short story, but there was so much greatness in this play that we must break it down moment by moment:

1. Linas Kleiza notices Jose Calderon(notes) is guarding Stoudemire. Apparently he thinks this will go well, because he moves towards the middle of the lane to ... I don't know, guard against cutters? I'm pretty sure cutters don't matter when Amar'e is about to dunk on your teammate's head.

2. Calderon's defense consists of holding his hands up, shuffling his feet, and hoping for the best. When Stoudemire makes his move, Calderon just runs past him, deciding he has done enough work for one play.

3. Kleiza moves back towards the basket during the dunk so he could pretend like he was playing help defense. No blame here!

4. After the dunk, Amar'e adjusts his goggles even though they seem to fit perfectly fine. Is this the nerdiest taunt in NBA history? Did George Mikan used to do the same thing?

5. Turiaf's dance more closely resembles the crazy gesticulations of a recently converted believer at a revival meeting, or perhaps someone possessed by a demon spirit. If Ronny had been born in a different era, he would have made the world's greatest silent movie actor.

(Video via Gian Casimiro)

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