Video: Al Harrington enters The Octagon, punches a reporter in the head

The lockout is a tough time for athletes who have spent most of their lives focused on basketball. The sport has been their calling for years, and it can be tough for anyone to find a new interest in his mid-20s.

Al Harrington is somewhat lucky, though, because he already has another sport to fall back on. As a child, Harrington boxed regularly, and he's kept it up as part of an offseason workout routine. With plenty of free time, Harrington has returned to the art of combat in a more serious way. Except he's now gone in the direction of mixed martial arts instead of the sweet science.

If the video above is any indication, Harrington is pretty good, at least if he only fights reporters who have had no MMA training. Plus, his form looks solid, or at least better than that of Carmelo Anthony.

So congrats to Al. On the other hand, his embrace of this new sport has unfortunately included a turn towards some horrific fashion choices. Please get a new shirt, Al. Your NBA friends may not welcome you back if you don't.

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