Video: Jeremy Lin gets winded in 1-on-1 against a young Icelander

In case you were wondering, and surely you were, because what else would you be doing with your life, Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin is vacationing in Iceland after being bounced from the playoffs.

When in Iceland, do as the Icelanders do, which is eat ice cream, apparently. Makes sense.

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So, there's Jeremy, eating ice cream in Iceland, when a 14-year-old Icelandic boy by the name of Júlíus Orri Ágústsson asks for his autograph, according to Iceland Magazine. As if a signature and a sundae weren't enough, the boy's mother challenged Lin to play her son in a friendly game of 1-on-1.

Luckily for Lin, the boy's backyard court featured a fantastic lake and mountain view fit for the challenge. This being 2016 and all, a Facebook video was posted within moments of the two trading shots.

Unluckily for Lin, Ágústsson turned out to be arguably the best player in all of Iceland for his age group — even earning MVP honors during an Icelandic Cup title run this past winter — and the teen schooled his NBA foe a few times on his way to a 3-0 lead, even if Lin wasn't exactly giving it his all during the game.

"I haven't played in a little bit," Lin explained in the video, "so I'm a little out of shape." Which is every dad's excuse when his son starts taking him to the rack in the backyard. Lin did salvage a point before the Facebook feed ended, and we can only assume he lost his silly haircut in a losing bet on this evening.

The lesson: Never underestimate your opponent, especially if you meet him eating ice cream in Iceland.

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