"This victory gives self-belief"

"This victory gives self-belief"
"This victory gives self-belief"

Borussia Dortmund won the top match away to FC Bayern Munich. The match reactions from Edin Terzic, Sebastian Kehl, Julian Brandt, Mats Hummels, Felix Nmecha and Karim Adeyemi.

Edin Terzic (to Sky): "We're extremely satisfied, it was a deserved victory. We even wasted slightly too much in the first half due to our lack of efficiency. Julian Ryerson was touch and go before the game. What he then produced was incredible. The goal for 2-0 came perhaps a tad too late, Felix Nmecha could've calmed things down before. We didn't get our reward for a great spell then."

Sebastian Kehl (in the mixed zone): "I'm proud of the team and the coaching staff. It was a really good performance, a totally deserved victory. Many of the things that we set out to do came off. We defended well and consistently had good counter-attacking situations. We had to survive one or two situations. The three points will do us good, they were not factored in. Both central defenders played an outstanding match and also kept their composure. Overall, we were very stable in our play. It was an important victory, but we still have many more important games over the course of the coming weeks. We can look forward to today and tomorrow, then it's on to next week. We're getting into a flow. This victory gives us self-belief."

Julian Brandt (to BVB-TV): "Our back four did an outstanding job. All the lads left their hearts out on the pitch. We had to defend a lot. We could have finished off a few counter-attacking situations better. But the victory is nourishing for the soul and also extremely important for us in this situation. Everyone believed that something was possible here. We can enjoy the victory but cannot value it any more highly than what it is. Because we know what awaits us in the coming weeks."

Mats Hummels (to Sky): "We showed a very strong performance and didn't allow our courage to be dampened. We definitely performed better than we have done in recent years. If we defend that well, we can compete with the top teams. And there will be some top teams to play in April. We could've done even better on the ball."

Felix Nmecha (in the mixed zone): "When you come back from an injury, it takes a few games for you to get back into your rhythm. When you play from the start, that helps enormously. I'm very happy that I was in the starting XI again and I hope it will continue that way. We knew that it was 10 years ago that we had last won here. We all fought and pushed ourselves."

Karim Adeyemi (to BVB-TV): "It was very, very important for us and for the fans. We were very solid defensively and fought until the end. We gave everything. Counter-attacking play is good for me and for the team. The away win tastes good."

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