How Victoria's Secret Angels are spending Valentine's Day editors

Even the Victoria's Secret Angels make time for their girls.

Valentine's Day isn't all about the chocolates, the swoon-worthy dinners and elaborate bouquets. Instead, it's about celebrating the ones you love and cherish, from your family to your friends.

"I want to make it a day to celebrate all the badass women in my life and myself. We deserve it!" said Josephine Skriver. Whether that entails a fancy dinner or hanging with the girls, it's all about meaningful relationships.

It's sometimes hard to plan the holiday in the middle of the workweek, admits Lais Ribeiro, so sometimes her Valentine's Day is low key. "I honestly think it depends on my crazy work schedule. In previous years, I've done anything from getting dressed up for a fancy dinner to staying at home with wine and a home cooked meal while watching Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner," she asserted.

Echoed Jasmine Tookes, "I'm not sure how I plan to spend Valentine's Day yet. It lands in the middle of NYFW so I'm hoping I am able to sneak some time in to spend it with someone special."

And, as we know all too well, that "special someone" can easily include a group of gals for a night in. Galentine's must-haves include "delicious pizza" (Jasmine), "Catchphrase" (Lais) and "pajamas for crashing" (Josephine). No party is complete without an epic playlist including, Lais' favorite "Perfect Duet" and "Downtown."

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But, Josephine might be easily swayed into a night out with flowers and chocolate. "I always think when a guy remembers and makes a thoughtful attempt it's sweet so I'm all for it!"

The same goes for Jasmine, who will opt for the perfect balance of sexy and feminine for a night out.

"My go-to Valentine's Day outfit and makeup look are definitely something feminine with a touch of sexy. I love when my lingerie peeks out a little, whether it's a bustier with a nice blazer and jeans or a top with the T-shirt Bra logo straps showing," she admitted. "For the makeup, I am obsessed with the Victoria's Secret lip mattes. I think they really shape your lips and make them look super full and kissable."

When it comes to gifting, the Angels like to keep it simple. Said Jasmine, "I like to give cute little things to my girlfriends so maybe a little bag with a nice card, heart-shaped chocolates and mini Victoria's Secret fragrances."

Explained Lais, "For my girlfriends, I love to give them something fun, like the T-Shirt Bra from VS or the Love Fragrance because you can never have enough!"

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