‘Very scary event’: BJ Thompson’s agent talks about medical emergency

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One day after Kansas City Chiefs defensive end BJ Thompson was released from the hospital, his agent shared what the last week has been like, and where he goes from here.

“It’s very tough watching you know somebody there in the bed… like you said, you don’t have control over the situation, you can’t do something immediately to snap your fingers and make it better,” agent Chris Turnage said.

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The good news is for now he’s home and on the mend. This comes just five days after the defensive end suffered a seizure and then cardiac arrest during a special teams meeting at the Chiefs’ practice facility.

“Very scary event for somebody that age to have some kind of issue,” Turnage said.

The scare came out of the blue for Thompson, Turnage noting there was no previous indication that anything was wrong would lead to this, that fact adding more urgency to getting to the bottom of the issue.

“BJ is doing much better. He is out of the hospital, he’s home, he’s having conversations, normal activity, his prognosis is good. Still some confusion, trying to figure out, test and what not, but he’s definitely feeling a lot better now,” Turnage said.

As FOX4 has reported, the quick action of not only Thompson’s teammates, but of the medical staff, proved to be the difference, as well as the fact that the organization had just tested its defibrillators in the days prior to this incident.

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Now, the question moves to the future: What does this mean going forward for the 25-year-old and his career? He’s a player that’s just beginning to scratch the surface of what his NFL legacy could be.

His agent was clear that for now they are focusing on his recovery and there is a long process ahead before they can determine when or if he’ll play football again.

For now, he’s taking care of himself and they’re immensely grateful for the support.

“Thank you, number 1, for the concerns, the prayers, the thoughts of Chiefs’ Nation, and number 2, continue to ask for that. It’s obviously very helpful,” Turnage said.

We do know for now that Thompson will remain in Kansas City as he starts the recovery process. We also know he still has family and his girlfriend by his side.

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