Vertical Pod with Woj: Joel Embiid & Brett Brown

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid and coach Brett Brown join Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical Podcast for an extended conversation on the young star’s remarkable journey to prominence in the NBA.

In one of his first extended interviews, Embiid discusses nearly quitting during his long rehabilitation process, his younger brother’s tragic death during his rookie season with the 76ers, and for the first time discloses his friendship and line of communication with Tim Duncan.

Embiid opens up about the flawed stereotypes that Americans have about African players and discusses the jokes he has played on people concerning his childhood upbringing.

2:26: The 76ers' new practice facility.

3:37: Embiid and Brown discuss how their international friends are reacting to the presidential election.

7:31: The NBA as a melting pot and its ability to lead on issues of race and culture.

9:29: Lessons Embiid learned from sitting out two NBA seasons.

14:41: Embiid on the pressure of being viewed by fans and the media as the team’s savior.

20:03: Not playing basketball until he was 15 years old and quickly picking up the game.

21:49: Embiid’s childhood in Cameroon compared to how Americans perceive it.

24:27: The death of Embiid’s brother during his rookie season with the 76ers.

28:02: Brown’s role in Embiid’s life during the last two years beyond the basketball court.

32:23: Embiid’s relationship with Duncan.

35:45: The difficulty of having his minutes limited to ensure his long-term health.

37:10: Handling the praise and criticism that comes with social media.

39:46: Helping Ben Simmons with his recovery from injury.

42:09: Embiid exceeding Brown’s expectations in his first season.

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